Belgium national football team vs canada men’s national soccer team lineups

On this page we delve into the heart of the forthcoming encounter between Belgium and Canada, analyzing the expected lineups that will dictate the course of the match. Each player’s form, style, and contribution to their respective teams will be scrutinized, providing insights into the potential strategies both sides might employ!

Current playing squads

The Belgium national football team and Canada men’s national soccer team are carefully curated with a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging stars, represent the epitome of skill, strategy, and national pride. Below you can read more about the current playing squads in both teams.

Current Players in Belgium

Belgium boasts a talented squad, including key players such as Romelu Lukaku, who has been a prolific goal scorer for Italy’s Roma, and Jan Vertonghen, a stalwart defender at Belgium’s Anderlecht. The midfield is reinforced by the likes of Youri Tielemans from England’s Aston Villa and Yannick Carrasco, who plies his trade in Saudi Arabia with Al Shabab. These players bring a wealth of experience and skill to the team.

Goal keepers: Thomas Kaminski, Matz Sels, Arnaud Bodart

Defenders: Zeno Debast,Arthur Theate, Wout Faes, Jan Vertonghen, Timothy Castagne, Zinho Vanheusden

Midfielders: Amadou Onana, Youri Tielemans, Yannick Carrasco, Olivier Deman, Charles De Ketelaere, Orel Mangala, Mandela Keita, Arthur Vermeeren

Forwards: Jérémy Doku, Romelu Lukaku, Dodi Lukebakio, Johan Bakayoko, Loïs Openda, Michy Batshuayi

Current Players in Canada

Canada’s national team also showcases a mix of young talent and experienced players. Alphonso Davies, who plays for Bayern Munich in Germany, is a notable presence. Cyle Larin, from Spain’s Mallorca, and Junior Hoilett, who represents Canada’s Vancouver Whitecaps FC, add attacking flair to the team. In midfield, Jonathan Osorio of Toronto FC provides stability and creativity.

Canada playing squad

Goal keepers: Dayne St. Clair, Maxime Crépeau, Milan Borjan

Defenders: Alistair Johnston, Sam Adekugbe, Kamal Miller, Steven Vitória, Luc de Fougerolles, Moïse, Bombito, Derek Cornelius, Alphonso Davies, Richie Laryea

Midfielders: Samuel Piette, Ismaël Koné, Mathieu Choinière, Harry Paton, Jonathan Osorio

Forwards: Liam Millar, Junior Hoilett, Cyle Larin, Jonathan David, Charles-Andreas Brym

Belgium national football team vs canada men’s national soccer team lineups – this is what can expect 

Belgiums expected lineup:





Belgiums expected lineup:





Playing styles

The playing styles of Canada and Belgium, while rooted in a shared love for soccer, differ significantly due to the unique strengths and characteristics of each team. Below you can read more about the different playing styles of the teams.

The Belgium national football team – playing style

The Belgium national football team is renowned for its attacking prowess, technical finesse, and adaptability on the field. The current lineup showcases a perfect blend of experienced veterans and emerging talents, allowing the team to execute a versatile and dynamic playing style.

Tactical Flexibility and Adaptability

One of Belgium’s key strengths lies in its tactical flexibility. The team is capable of seamlessly transitioning between different formations, adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. Whether it’s a fluid 4-3-3, a solid 4-2-3-1, or a more conservative 3-4-3, Belgium’s players exhibit a deep understanding of their roles, enabling smooth transitions during matches.

Build-up Play and Midfield Control

Belgium emphasizes a possession-based style of play, often starting their attacks from the back. The goalkeeper and defenders, including the likes of Jan Vertonghen and Timothy Castagne, are comfortable with the ball at their feet and are adept at initiating build-up play from the defensive third. The midfield trio, usually featuring Youri Tielemans, Amadou Onana, and Charles De Ketelaere, plays a crucial role in controlling the tempo of the game. Their ability to retain possession, distribute accurately, and create openings in the opposition’s defense is fundamental to Belgium’s strategy.

Creative Midfield and Flair on the Wings

In the midfield, players like Yannick Carrasco and Orel Mangala provide the creative spark. Carrasco, known for his dribbling skills and precise crosses, often operates on the left flank, delivering dangerous balls into the box. On the right side, Orel Mangala’s vision and passing ability create opportunities for the forwards. Additionally, emerging talents like Mandela Keita and Arthur Vermeeren bring youthful energy and creativity to the team, adding depth to Belgium’s midfield options.

Clinical Strikers and Attacking Prowess

Upfront, Belgium boasts a formidable attack. Romelu Lukaku, the team’s talismanic striker, is a clinical finisher renowned for his strength, agility, and goal-scoring ability. He is complemented by the likes of Jérémy Doku, Dodi Lukebakio, and Loïs Openda, young forwards with exceptional pace and dribbling skills. These players, along with Michy Batshuayi and Johan Bakayoko, provide Belgium with a potent attacking force capable of breaking down even the most resolute defenses.

The Canadian national football team – playing style

The Canadian national soccer team, with its diverse blend of emerging talents and experienced players, has been evolving its playing style in recent years. Under the guidance of their coach and with the introduction of promising young stars, Canada has been embracing a more dynamic and attack-oriented approach, making them an exciting team to watch.

Solid Defense and Organized Structure

In defense, Canada often opts for a well-organized structure. Alistair Johnston and Sam Adekugbe provide stability in full-back positions, with Kamal Miller, Steven Vitória, and Derek Cornelius forming a robust central defense. This disciplined defense allows Canada to maintain a compact shape, making it challenging for opponents to break through their lines.

Explosive Full-Backs and Wing Play

Canada’s full-backs, including the versatile Alphonso Davies and Richie Laryea, play a pivotal role in their attacking strategy. Davies, in particular, is known for his explosive pace and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities from the left flank. Laryea, equally adept at defending and attacking, provides width and support on the right. Their overlapping runs and precise crosses contribute significantly to Canada’s attacking prowess.

Midfield Control and Distribution

In midfield, Canada relies on players like Samuel Piette and Jonathan Osorio for control and distribution. Piette’s defensive tenacity and ability to break up opponents’ plays allow the team to regain possession swiftly. Osorio, with his vision and passing range, acts as a link between defense and attack. New talents like Ismaël Koné and Mathieu Choinière bring youthful energy to the midfield, adding depth and creativity to Canada’s playmaking options.

Versatile and Prolific Attack

Canada’s forward line showcases a mix of experience and goal-scoring prowess. Cyle Larin, with his goal-scoring instincts, often leads the line, supported by the skillful Jonathan David. Their understanding of each other’s movements and ability to exploit defensive gaps make them a dangerous duo. Junior Hoilett adds flair and creativity on the wings, while young talents like Liam Millar and Charles-Andreas Brym provide depth and variety to the attacking options.

Goalkeeping Strength

In goal, Canada boasts a trio of capable goalkeepers in Dayne St. Clair, Maxime Crépeau, and Milan Borjan. Their shot-stopping abilities and commanding presence in the box provide a strong foundation for the team’s defensive efforts.