Instant casino play

The online gambling industry has become quite in demand for those who want to gamble. However, with so many online casinos mushrooming every minute, players find it hard to decide which one is better than the other. It’s not only that.

There are also players who are torn between instant casino play and download casinos. Does this sound like you?

This article will help you determine which one really suits your gaming needs. Whether you like it or not, you have to choose, and make sure to choose one that will give you the best experience possible.

Instant play casinos

Instant Casino Play and Download Casino: Which is Better?

We get it. You’re not much of a fan of going to land-based casinos, but that’s all right! You can always play your games anytime, anywhere, and still, have fun! So, picture yourself browsing the Internet to get an idea of where to look.

Being always on the go, you want to choose between a download casino or an instant play casino. The choice is always between these two. However, how would you like to play? Will you opt to download games or play instantly? Which of these offer fast payoutsa?

Aside from the variety of available games, there is also a host of websites out there that offer bonuses. Each of them has varied promotions as well. In the middle of your search, you start to worry because it starts to get too confusing. Don’t fret yet! We can take a closer look at some things that can make you understand how to zero in on the right one.

How an instant play casino differ from a download casino

Instant play casino is known to many as “no download casino”. What its name implies is a no-brainer. Before we go deeper, let’s take a look at these three types of instant casino play.

3 Types of Instant casino play

Instant casino play

HTML5 casinos

Online gaming platforms using HTML5 technology don’t need Flash, Java or other plugins. This is easily downloadable from any OS or device. These casinos are accessible from any browser that’s why it is popular with online casino users.

This technology works is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, and other web browsers. It offers HD images, animations, audio, as well as graphics.

Java online casinos

This type of instant play casino uses the Java computing language which provides a stable and reliable program for online casino action. This program will prompt users to turn it off from the browser before operating Java-based casinos using another browser.

Adobe flash player casinos

Another very important plugin not only for other things like Photoshop, or Illustrator but also for instant casino plays is Adobe flash player casinos. Flash games are featured in online casinos that utilize Adobe Flash Player. It is meant for 2D and 3D games.

Games look more cinematic which makes gaming or gambling more exciting in this kind of instant casino play. This software is downloadable, its updates are downloadable as well. The best thing of all is it’s completely free!

Instant casino play allows players to gamble without downloading software. In contrast, the other kind needs you to download before you are allowed to play. Let’s get more detailed here.

Instant Casino Play



Download Casino



Best Instant Play Casinos with Fast Payouts

The best gambling and betting experience depends on how the site pays out. The reason why you are gambling is to win and not only to get that thrilling experience, right? With this in mind, you may also want to know if the instant play casino you’re playing on uses a fast payment system. If not, you stand to lose a lot of your hard-earned money. Therefore, below are three of our best picks:

Wild Casino


Super Slots

El Royale

Lucky Tiger


Briefly put, instant play casinos are way better compared to the system used by download casinos. You don’t have to undergo such hassles like compatibility, downloading, security issues, and unavailability of games that you love. Not to mention the need for regular updates that puts all your excitement on hold. Also, there’s the question of what device you want to use. With this guide, you can have peace of mind and confidence while waiting for the time when you’re ready to play!


What is the benefit of not having to download online casino games?

It saves you ample time and effort, plus lesser usage of your device’s memory.

Are the graphics of download casinos better than that of instant play casinos?

Yes, they are definitely better. However, it also depends on the device you’re using. Adobe Flash Player casinos provide you with clear images as well.

Are games on download casinos cheaper than the ones at instant play casinos?

Generally speaking, downloaded games require payments, and they could be taxing to the users. So, each time you download, you pay.

Which online instant play casino gives out the largest bonus?

El Royale has the highest bonus with $20,000 at stake.

Which casino listed above has 24/7 customer service?

Andromeda has efficient customer service working around the clock. This is a crucial part when selecting an online venue to play or gamble.

Aside from the bonuses and games, what feature makes an online gambling site a standout?

Faster payouts and the payment methods used. That’s why players should learn about these before starting to play.